Start Your Day The Spicy Way

I’ve mentioned before that Chef is currently flat out busy with setting up a new restaurant local to where we live. It’s exciting and been brilliant to see the progress of the refurbishment over the last few weeks. However, it’s been hectic as he draws closer to the opening. The poor man is exhausted and every evening he’s got a list of things he needs me to do to help out. So while it’s exciting, the last few weeks have not exactly been easy. So you might think I was mad to pick this time to go on a diet. You’d be right but I did it anyway. Continue reading “Start Your Day The Spicy Way”

Dream Team for US Presidency?

With the race for the US Presidency almost at the finish line, I was reflecting on the skills that might be required to perform the job. And it’s a very big job. I quickly came to the conclusion that no single person can do the job perfectly.

So here’s what I think is just the solution. In fact, it’s revolutionary. The US needs to have a Dream Team who would collectively act as President. Each member of the team would be selected based on a specific skill. Continue reading “Dream Team for US Presidency?”

It’s necessary, Darling

I’ve learned a lot in the last few years.  Mostly that I’ve disposed of a ton of cash. Thrown it out, given it away, lost it. Sounds like I actually have a ton of cash, doesn’t it?  Well I don’t and never have.  And when I use the word ‘disposed’ I mean it in the literal sense.

Now older and with occasional bouts of wisdom, I look back at how careless I’ve been with cash, and not just my own cash either.  Continue reading “It’s necessary, Darling”