Dilemma – What to Wear

Why is it that whenever I have somewhere to go, I never have anything to wear?

I’ve got a work wardrobe – that’s fine.  I’m never stuck for something to wear to work unless I wake up late and have been too lazy to iron and organise something the previous night.

It’s only when there’s something else on that I have never the right thing.  If I’ve got a dress that would be okay, then I don’t have a pair of shoes that would work.

My husband, of course, doesn’t understand the issue.There’s some friends we have dinner with quite a bit and whenever we dine at their house I always get it wrong, arriving under dressed in jeans and boots, while the lovely lady of the house is glammed up to the nines in backless dress and heels; or I turn up in a nice linen dress with sparkly jewels on it to liven it up and when I arrive she’s in skimpy shorts and t-shirt.  Now I phone ahead and ask her what she’s wearing.  I’m learning!

So there’s a party coming up soon and I’m hovering between skinny jeans, top and sparkly jacket or an all-in-one black trouser thingy.  So here’s the dilemma … I don’t have a sparkly jacket.  If I buy one and it’s warm, I’ll have to take it off, leaving a rather mediocre outfit (in my opinion) of t-shirt and jeans and slutty sandals.  The alternative outfit, the all-in-one, needs really high heels but on the night in question, I will be required to walk part of the way to the venue and my heels are ‘car-to-bar’ heels, touching the pavement for a mere five paces and no more.

Oh well.  There’s no avoiding it; I’ll have to shop.