Don’t Diss the Discounts

This is where I big up the cheap shops-those places that you really want to diss but on the few occasions you’ve walked around them, you’ve been hard-pressed not to be astounded at what’s on offer. My favourite bargain haunts have got to be TK Maxx, Aldi and Lidl.

I’ve been known to drive miles to get to a TK Maxx. I first came across these stores in the US where they have a slightly different trading name (TJ Maxx).

I discover all manner of things I didn’t even know I needed until I go to TK Maxx.  I could fill three or four houses with all the cushions and duvet covers I’ve bought over the years. The amount I’ve spent probably equates to the cost of one small house!

Every now and then, I declare my compact and bijou sitting-room in dire need of a mini-makeover so I hie off to TK Maxx where I’ll buy up a range of accessories to transform and uplift the room’s general beigeness. It’s so easy! A few cushions, a new rug, maybe a vase or centrepiece for the table make such a difference. If I’m really lucky I’ll manage to locate a few subtle extras such as tealights in my chosen accent colour or coasters.  I’ve become so adept that I reckon I could get a job as a professional house stager.

I’ve gone through a variety of accent colours – teal, chartreuse and am currently on red. The red will stay until I get bored. I predict a change in about six months or so unless I can be reined in and sense prevails. I’m already veering towards aubergine.

When the makeover takes place, I pass it off as a surprise for my husband. The lovely man raises his eyebrows at the expense, mildly berates me but accurately understands it’s got nothing to do with him.

Similarly, I occasionally fancy a rummage through the shelves of Aldi. My mother is a huge fan and is of an age where she’s very sensible with her money. She also has the time to read product reviews and shop around for her bargains-I don’t. She actually goes online, groovy silver surfer that she is, to check the gadgets and stock going on sale the following week. If she reads an article comparing their low cost goods to branded goods, I can expect an advisory call. It’s rare for me not to walk out with at least a few items from Aldi. Today proved fruitful. I picked up some face cream, sun cream and dishwasher tablets all of which have been hyped up by some consumer magazine as being best value quality products. Money goes a long way in Aldi. While I was there, I did much of my shopping for the week and was astounded at the total. It was at least a third less than what I’d have paid in another supermarket.

Mum was in alt when I called her and told her of my booty.