Hair Science or Stupidity?

I’m about to depart for my bi-monthly trip to the hair salon. I have two goals: get a trim and disguise any sign of grey. I know I’ll walk through the doors feeling confident of what I want and need, so why is it that the minute my stylist sits me down and says the words ‘What are we doing today?’ that I freeze up, paralysed by indecision? It’s been the same whatever the salon and whoever the stylist.

I’ve tried to get my hair to grow longer over the years but it never quite works. In my mind’s eye, I have hair that makes me think I’m ‘worth it’ – sleek, immaculately groomed with not a split end in sight. Then I look in the mirror and realise I’m not really the gorgeous goddess I thought I was. Complete reality check. When my hair does grow long(er), it just ends up looking scraggly and dry so I usually end up with a variation of the same cut. A bob. I must’ve had every type of bob that’s ever existed. I’ve had the Cleopatra look, the lop-sided bob, the edgy bob, the layered bob, the wedge bob, a fringe bob, and a side-parting bob (tried both sides!), a tuck-behind the ears bob and a feathered around the face bob. I’m sure a few more bob styles will be devised before my coffin lid closes!

If any of you have looked at my About page, you’ll see a blonde. Don’t be fooled people. I’m naturally a brunette but for reasons relating to age denial, I’ve decided to fade out the brunette. That’s a euphemism for dying my grey hair!

Forward on to sitting in that chair and looking at myself in a massive mirror, I will find myself so confused by the options being offered to me. Do I want just to cover the roots? Do I want highlights? How many highlights? Where to put the highlights? Should I do a top section or go for half a head? I’ve always thought it strange to go around with a head that’s got different coloured hair on one half than the other. Recently a dip-dye look has been hugely popular, where the ends of the hair are a different colour to the rest. I can’t say it’s a look that’s appealed to me but the latest I’ve heard is that is now passé! Hurray! It’s been replaced by streaks of rainbow coloured hair.  So now I’m terrified if I’m offered this option, I might bow to pressure and end up walking out of the salon looking like a parrot or one of ‘My Little Ponies’! I suppose on the up-side, my hair would then co-ordinate with everything in my wardrobe. I always did like a bit of matchy-matchy!

Once my new style is completed, I’ll then have to face the next hurdle. Invariably, an offering of their range of products. From past experience, these all do the same thing – nothing. No doubt I’ll still fall for the sales pitch and empty my wallet, after the hefty tip, and buy something to make my hair smoother, another product to make it sparkle and another to do the impossible, fix split ends, which in theory, should all have been cut off during the cutting process.

In reality, I’ll end up getting the same cut, a touch-up of my colour and what’s more annoying, no one will even notice that I’ve had my hair done!