Men Writing Chicklit? Whatever Next?

I’ve recently noticed, and only recently, because my head is usually buried in a book, that there’s a lot more men writing books for a female audience. This amuses me somewhat because men have always been at the top of the group that disparage and criticise chick lit and here they are now writing it. So what’s brought on this change?

Could it be the huge popularity of the genre? Or would I be considered cynical in saying they want to elbow their way into the market and cash in on what women have known all along?

Quite a few of these men are hiding their gender by writing under a pseudonym or using first initials. You could be forgiven for thinking they may be worried about deterring female readers from buying a book written by a man. I say to these men that if you’re brave enough to reap in the royalties, you should be brave enough to lay claim to your inner romantic. Personally, if I like the blurb on the back, I’ll buy the book regardless of who’s written it!

A few of these male authors have shed their cloaks, such as Jessica Blair (real name Bill Spence, an 89 year old Grandfather) and Gill Sanderson (aka Roger Sanderson who has written approximately 50 books under his female guise).

So while a woman would be happy to pick up a book written by Matt Dunn, Steve Carter or Nick Spalding, how likely are the men in our lives to pick up a book with a glittery cover dotted in hearts, heels, handbags and cupcakes? My guess is not so likely.

I’m pleased to see that my ‘fellow’ Irish chicklit author, Andrew O’Connor, is confident enough to declare himself. I have to put my hand on my heart and admit that I hadn’t heard of Mr O’Connor until I decided to look into this ‘men writing chicklit’ phenomena. Now that I have, I’ll condescend to add him to my Kindle Fire. Let’s hope he reciprocates!