Bring on the summer

Is anyone else missing the summer as much as me?

To me it’s the most romantic time of the year.  All the girls get out their pretty dresses and look fresh and regenerated after months of pallor and frigidly cold weather.

Babies look adorable with their chubby little limbs bared for the first time.  The sweet little hats and too big shorts that us mothers dress babies in to protect them from the rays of the sun are just too cute.  And when they wake up from a doze, their soft and downy baby hair is lightly dewed with sweat. I’m getting nostalgic now for those precious times with my own children.  Time for me to get out those embarrassing photos!

There’s nothing more delicious than arriving home after a swampy tube trip, downing an ice cold glass of water and then tramping up to the Heath for a refreshing swim in the dark waters of the Women’s Pond. It’s a wonderful way to take the edge off the heat and I wish I did it more.  That first dive into the murky looking waters can be a bit daunting but once in, the sense of tranquility and cool sanctuary make it more than worthwhile.  If you haven’t been before, I’d highly recommend it.

These balmy summer days have been rare this year and when they occur I’m treasuring them.  Am spritzing on the sunscreen as I type.