Week 1 of my No Meat November

So this notion of mine, not eating meat in November and staying off the booze for the month, was quite unilaterally taken. I hadn’t bothered it to run it past my husband, a fervent meat eater and equally enthusiastic wine guzzler, or my teenage daughter.

The response when I told them was ‘we’re not eating a load of your veg crap.’ Somewhat startled by the initial response (wtf!) I blithely ignored them and went ahead nonetheless. Oh yes!

What’s it been like I hear you ask. Well, I’ve had to do two versions of dinner every night. Most nights it’s fine, not that much extra work. I just split the mix and chuck a bit of meat into one of the pans. On a few other nights, my chef husband decided enough was enough and took charge. He wanted proper meat. Shoulder of Lamb type meat, big chunks of stewing Beef style meat. In other words, MEAT!

This meant that my carefully planned week’s worth of menus went out the window. I had to compromise. For compromise read ‘eat around the meat.’ So I did. It was also fine. A little more boring when it came to the casseroles but you have to give a little, don’t you?

The only thing I ate last week that I didn’t really like was a Jacket Potato with a Creamy Mushroom sauce. I’d used Shitake mushrooms and I didn’t think it worked. I also came home late one evening and my daughter begged me to pick up a KFC for her. Once in the chicken shop, I got some chips for myself and ate them with Spicy Quorn Chicken nuggets I had at home in the freezer for emergencies. They were so spicy I actually couldn’t manage to eat them and ended up filling up with toast instead.

Tonight, for the Sunday Roast, I’m cooking chicken for the family. I’ll be eating the roast potatoes but I’m making Red Peppers Stuffed with Mediterranean Quinoa and Feta Cheese accompanied by Roasted Beetroot, Squash and Carrots with Honey, Orange and Hazelnuts. I’ve also found a lovely salad recipe for some Fennel that I bought. Finely shaved fennel and carrots with an orange (I only had Clementines), cider vinegar, Dijon mustard and oil dressing. I’ll definitely be making that again. It got the thumbs up from my resident chef.

As for not having any booze, I haven’t really missed it. I even went out with some friends this week to a wine bar and just had a coffee. I wasn’t even tempted. My husband has been drinking my usual share of the wine. Last night I wouldn’t have minded a glass of the pretty good Pinot Noir he treated himself too and tonight’s dinner kind of deserves a toast and H2O just doesn’t cut it. But I’ll resist.

I’ll be giving myself a night off from my regime on Friday when I’ve got a group of girlfriends in. I’ll stick with the veggies though. Hope they won’t mind!