What’s for Dinner?

I was chatting with a few friends the other day over a post-breakfast coffee. Even that early in the day, some of us were already thinking about what we were going to eat or cook for dinner. I’d only just finished chomping on a Pain Au Raisin washed down by an Americano so I wasn’t even hungry. It was only ten a.m. I still had lunch to get through, yet dinner was at the forefront of my mind. Why? Was this normal?

We mulled this over for a bit and did a mini-poll to find out who cooked in the evenings and who didn’t. After a bit of a discussion and some debate, I worked out what the difference once: most of the single unattached women in the group ate out during the week. They tended to only cook at the weekend and it was only then that they gave some thought to planning and cooking a meal, when they might be entertaining. Whereas those of us with partners or a family to feed tended to have some idea of what the evening meal would consist of.

In my case, as soon as I’m eating my dinner, I’m already thinking about what to make for dinner the following day and also what to produce for lunch. What’s left in the fridge that I can use up for the next day?

As I’m writing this, I’m salivating over the prospect of a Lamb Tagine with Prunes and Toasted Almonds for tonight and thinking of how I can use up all the vegetables in the bottom of the fridge for tomorrow.