Don’t Diss the Discounts

This is where I big up the cheap shops-those places that you really want to diss but on the few occasions you’ve walked around them, you’ve been hard-pressed not to be astounded at what’s on offer. My favourite bargain haunts have got to be TK Maxx, Aldi and Lidl.

I’ve been known to drive miles to get to a TK Maxx. I first came across these stores in the US where they have a slightly different trading name (TJ Maxx). Continue reading “Don’t Diss the Discounts”

The Peculiar Art of Sandwich-Making

All the world loves a sandwich. Or so it would seem judging from the number of outlets that can be found on your average high street. Today, we’re offered choices that range from the simplest forms of two pieces of bread with a plain filling, all the way to designer breads with delightful names procured from exotic cuisines with equally fantastic fillings and combinations.

How did we evolve so far from the fare of simple sandwiches that our mothers made for our packed lunches? Continue reading “The Peculiar Art of Sandwich-Making”

Hirsute or Hair Suit?

Oh dear, it’s that time again. The sun coming out can only mean one thing. It’s time to defuzz. I say this with a sinking heart because depending on the chosen depiliatory method, major planning has to take place.

Firstly, the weather forecast is watched more avidly. Any sign of heat and sun will mean that legs and underarms, at a minimum will need to be done. Continue reading “Hirsute or Hair Suit?”

What’s for Dinner?

I was chatting with a few friends the other day over a post-breakfast coffee. Even that early in the day, some of us were already thinking about what we were going to eat or cook for dinner. I’d only just finished chomping on a Pain Au Raisin washed down by an Americano so I wasn’t even hungry. It was only ten a.m. I still had lunch to get through, yet dinner was at the forefront of my mind. Why? Was this normal? Continue reading “What’s for Dinner?”