The Sound of Plop

I have a long lasting memory of when I was around six years old. My brother was five. At the time, we shared a room and on one particular night after my mother had put us to bed, we were too hyped up to sleep. We tired ourselves out by jumping from one bed to other and back again, making ourselves giddy. Continue reading “The Sound of Plop”

It’s a Cake Mad World

Has the world always been as obsessed with cake as we seem to be these days or is this a new phenomenon?

Since the miraculous rise in popularity of cupcakes, the floodgates seemed to have opened. Cupcakes, known as Fairy Cakes in the UK, were small but fairly plain cakes and had a reputation similar to that of your average wallflower at a dance. Boring. Continue reading “It’s a Cake Mad World”

Dream Team for US Presidency?

With the race for the US Presidency almost at the finish line, I was reflecting on the skills that might be required to perform the job. And it’s a very big job. I quickly came to the conclusion that no single person can do the job perfectly.

So here’s what I think is just the solution. In fact, it’s revolutionary. The US needs to have a Dream Team who would collectively act as President. Each member of the team would be selected based on a specific skill. Continue reading “Dream Team for US Presidency?”

Hair Science or Stupidity?

I’m about to depart for my bi-monthly trip to the hair salon. I have two goals: get a trim and disguise any sign of grey. I know I’ll walk through the doors feeling confident of what I want and need, so why is it that the minute my stylist sits me down and says the words ‘What are we doing today?’ that I freeze up, paralysed by indecision? It’s been the same whatever the salon and whoever the stylist. Continue reading “Hair Science or Stupidity?”

It’s necessary, Darling

I’ve learned a lot in the last few years.  Mostly that I’ve disposed of a ton of cash. Thrown it out, given it away, lost it. Sounds like I actually have a ton of cash, doesn’t it?  Well I don’t and never have.  And when I use the word ‘disposed’ I mean it in the literal sense.

Now older and with occasional bouts of wisdom, I look back at how careless I’ve been with cash, and not just my own cash either.  Continue reading “It’s necessary, Darling”