What can you do in a year?

There’s nothing I love more than browsing through a magazine. My hairdresser’s salon is like my version of Mecca. It’s cheaper for me to get my hair done than it would be to buy all the magazines I manage to get through during a root colour and a trim.

Inevitably, I find myself drawn to the recipes at the back. .I stash the recipe away somewhere with vague plans to cook it at some point  (I should add, I only do this to the magazines I’ve paid for). Sounding familiar so far? Continue reading “What can you do in a year?”

The Peculiar Art of Sandwich-Making

All the world loves a sandwich. Or so it would seem judging from the number of outlets that can be found on your average high street. Today, we’re offered choices that range from the simplest forms of two pieces of bread with a plain filling, all the way to designer breads with delightful names procured from exotic cuisines with equally fantastic fillings and combinations.

How did we evolve so far from the fare of simple sandwiches that our mothers made for our packed lunches? Continue reading “The Peculiar Art of Sandwich-Making”