Love is like Chocolate…phenomenally delicious

It’s rare that you come across someone who doesn’t like chocolate. I eat it but I could live without it. Then of course there’s the big debate-milk or dark. I’m definitely on the dark side. Whenever I eat milk chocolate it just tastes like a lump of butter in my mouth but each to their own.

It being Valentine’s Day, I know Chef absolutely loves dark chocolate, especially chocolate truffles. I thought I’d make him his favourite treat as a special Valentine’s surprise. So here’s my attempt at Chocolate Truffles. Continue reading “Love is like Chocolate…phenomenally delicious”

Special Valentine’s Supper

Chef has declared that he’d like to cook his favourite dinner for Valentine’s Day. Steak. Let’s just say I wasn’t consulted on this or asked if I had any preferences.  To be fair, it won’t just be any steak. There’s some strange looking fungi in the fridge that will be part of a sauce. Yummy!

I should add that we NEVER go out for Valentine’s Day. This is because Chef deems the over-inflated prices that restaurants charge for a reduced and often cheaper product to be on the heavy side of crazy. I’m more than happy about that because the food at home is better than what we get in most places. Besides, he’s an absolute nightmare to go to a restaurant with and more often than not, I tend to leave him at home!  Continue reading “Special Valentine’s Supper”