Do you know this man?

As anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook might have seen from my posts, I’ve recently joined a writing class which is proving to be quite a novel experience, pardon the pun. Mainly, because it’s pushing me out of my comfort zone and making me write things I wouldn’t normally write.To write in the first person, for example, something I’ve never been comfortable doing but you know what? It wasn’t so bad. I might even give it another try.

The tutor asked me to read out a piece I’d written during class which was a description of a character and portraying their job. As soon as I’d finished reading it, everyone in the class had the exact same reaction in their visualisation of this character.  So here’s the text; read it to the end. I’ve added their response at the bottom. Let me know if you had the same picture in your head!

“That Cameron Thornton turned up to school everyday with a smile on his face could tell you he was there to meet his best friend. Or he else he was a newly qualified teacher who hadn’t built up a veneer of OFSTED languor in the short time he’d been in the job.

A shiny, floppy hairstyle bounced over his cheery face and his wide smile encompassed everyone in his path. When he wasn’t whistling that was.

He oozed energy and undertook every activity with enthusiastic verve. His brightly coloured and trendy clothes gave him the appearance of a Blue Peter presenter and his class adored him.

He brought snippets of his life to school, strumming an indie tune on his guitar during music time, or asking a mate to come in and give a talk. There seemed to be no end to his list of mates and they all had great jobs, like Yacht Skipper, DJ or Tennis Player. None of the speakers ever had jobs like the kids’ parents. There were no mundane farmers, Asda workers, accountants.”

So what was the immediate reaction of the class?

They all interpreted the description of the guy as being an Australian Supply Teacher!!