Dream Team for US Presidency?

With the race for the US Presidency almost at the finish line, I was reflecting on the skills that might be required to perform the job. And it’s a very big job. I quickly came to the conclusion that no single person can do the job perfectly.

So here’s what I think is just the solution. In fact, it’s revolutionary. The US needs to have a Dream Team who would collectively act as President. Each member of the team would be selected based on a specific skill.

So I’ve had a bit of fun creating my Dream Team (though some are no longer with us) and why:

Power: The very taciturn Alex Ferguson, Manager of Manchester United Football Club. His direct approach doesn’t accept excuses and Power is more than money.

Charisma (Can hold a crowd): Morgan Freeman

Sex Appeal: Daniel Craig (007) or David Beckham (English footballer). Parade them out when it’s voting time.

Interesting: Stephen Fry (writer, actor, tv presenter, known affectionately as Google) – excellent for attending formal dinners. Could write the speeches.

Caring: Homer Simpson – a great family man and always well intentioned. Yes, I know he’s fictional!

Sensible: Oprah Winfrey – she can cut through the bullshit.

Economics: Pythagoras because you need someone good with maths to work on the balance sheet.

Genius: Stephen Hawking

Entrepreneurial: Steve Jobs for having the skill to think outside the box to create employment is much needed.

Cute with Kids: Will Smith

Thick Skinned: Simon Cowell. Like water off a duck’s back.

You might have noticed that I’m female. Ask a guy to make his selection and his choices will be completely different! My husband and I were chatting about this last night and he was in complete disagreement!

I’d love to hear your ideas for your dream team. I’ll post the best (in my humble opinion!) in my next blog!

May the best man win!