How to read an e-Book (Digital Book)

As my book is currently only published in digital format, I’ve had a lot of queries from people who’ve never gone down the e-Book route before so this blog is especially for them.

With sales of digital books now outselling paper versions both in the UK and the US, it’s time to embrace the change and ultimately save money, because they are cheaper!

Two other advantages for those that may have trouble with vision, are that you can increase the size of the writing, and most e-Readers can convert text to voice so that you can hear the book.

I was given a Kindle two Christmases ago by my lovely husband and I’ve never looked back.  I can literally say that it has changed my life. Because an e-Reader (what you read an e-Book on) can hold over 3,000 books, there’s no more dragging a suitcase of books on holidays or weighing down my handbag with a hefty hardback.  I’ve been able to de-clutter and chuck out the sagging bookshelves.  The only paper books I’ve kept are reference books, and my favourite gardening and cookbooks.  I feel free, lighter and liberated.

Plus, no one can tell what I’m reading and once I’ve bought it, it’s delivered in seconds to me!  Oh the indulgence.  There are also hundreds of free e-Books available to read.

You will need one of the following:

–       A Smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, or any phone with Android technology).  Ask the nearest teenager if you’re not sure.

–       A Tablet – This could be an iTouch, iPad, or any kind of computer looking thingy that doesn’t have an actual keyboard.

–       An e-Reader – There are lots of brands out now. The more popular ones are: Kindle from Amazon is very popular, as are models by Kobo and Asus but there are lots of others.  All computer shops and some bookshops will sell these.

Now, not one to re-invent the wheel, I’ve discovered a fellow writer, Ilona Andrews, who has most helpfully done all the work and put together a great set of easy to follow instructions.

So, you’ve done all the above and now you’re chomping at the bit to read my book, so hie off to Amazon and change the ‘department’ to Kindle Books and search for Legally Wed.

Happy e-Book reading!

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