To Be or Not To Be…In fashion

I’m at the hairdressers and have just spent a relaxing two hours browsing through some glossy mags while having my roots retouched.
After flicking through the first sixty-four pages of adverts (I kid you not!), I’ve read about celebs on their third and fourth marriages, and admired and gasped over clothes that cost more than some peoples’ mortgages. The weighty tomes show jewellery, glittering and enticing, that is of a cost that would feed an entire refugee camp for at least two years. Personally, I thought the bejewelled Crown a little over the top. Something to be worn by only the most narcissistic of people.

As for any intelligent articles-there was a distinct lack of these. The most scintillating was about where on on or around your eye, to draw your eyeliner. The current look seems to favour the addition of age lines. As I’m lucky enough to be naturally endowed with quite a few of these, I can quite smugly tick this style box.

At some stage I expect to see the latest trends to be beards and whiskers for women. Odd how the Anne Boleyn fashion for no eyelashes never came back into style. Some things are just wrong for a reason. It’s plain awful.